Owning Your Re-Emergence from Trauma

Tanya Prewitt-White
3 min readAug 3, 2021


Trauma, a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, an experience all of humanity has endured over the course of the last year and a half. No one has been left out; though, given our circumstances and our intersectional identities, we may have varied depths of trauma. Nonetheless, the majority of us have experienced trauma whether we own or name it as such.

What deeply distressing or disturbing experience(s) have you shouldered since March of 2020?

The loss of (a) loved one(s);

Isolation from family and friends;

Domestic violence;

Racial violence;

Sexual violence;


Financial hardship or insecurity;

Health crisis;


Food insecurity;



Hopelessness; and/or

Burnout, fatigue, exhaustion.

Have you taken a moment to name what has felt traumatic to you? This is not a time to minimize your experience — the world will often do that for us and someone will always “have it worse” or “have it better.” Our happiness and mindset are often our own making. And, still it is okay, even courageous to sit with what will leave a scar so that we are not forever fixated by the incision. Take a moment to have courage and live in all your truth. You are worthy of healing — each one of us are.

Journal for a moment what has taken vigor from your soul and release your heart to the paper.

Now, please know in your bones you were not created to live in your distress — forever.

You have the capacity to heal.

Living in constant toxicity is stifling and toxic positivity is harmful, too. When living with self-compassion we remind ourselves there is space for joy and pain in our lives; and it is our birthright to live in the bliss that we co-create with the universe.

With cities, businesses, and schools partially and fully re-opening and some resemblance of our previous life re-emerging it is important we embrace life will never be what it was yesterday. That, too, is okay — even good. We can move into the future taking with us what works — less hurried lifestyles, clearer boundaries for ourselves and family, a focus on what is important, our individual and collective healing and set aside all habits and ways of being that no longer serve our existence.

We can and will continue to live beautiful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. We can start today by asking ourselves:

What is my heart’s desire?

What needs and dreams of mine have I been neglecting?

How can I more fully show up and live in my purpose?

Then, we can do one thing to align our life with our answers. Stepping away and resting when we need, or desire is essential. And, when we are ready, we have the power to own our re-emergence from trauma.

And whenever we need a reminder, we can revisit these words:

I have stepped away from the harm, chaos and despair to nurture myself and rest. This is the time to name myself worthy of beautiful experiences, love and grace. I can choose light at any moment and recognize I am not destined to be locked in an excruciating nightmare. To re-emerge is to come into prominence once more. I will co-create my illustrious narrative of life. Owning both my affliction and delight when I am ready. At my pace and on my timing, I will re-emerge in all my truths with my face set on the sun.



Tanya Prewitt-White

Consultant, Facilitator & Author committed to anti-oppression and an equitable existence for all